What is a zipline?

A zip line is a tensioned steel cable that goes from one point to another with a slight angle. With a pulley, you can use the slope and gravity to transport people or things.

Jumping in a zip line makes the user feel the thrilling of flight with the help of a steel cable over ravines, rivers, lakes or anything, creating a really exciting experience.

Jumping in the zipline can be practiced by anyone, even children above 3 years old.

Our ziplines are 100% green since it does not require any kind of fuel or engines, we use materials and construction techniques that provide a longer life span and requiring minimal maintenance.

We are the only company in USA that has this technology:

Low Tension Cable

Slow Landing Brake

These technologies are used in towers and platforms, departure and arrival of zip lines. The towers and platforms are installed with an unique configuration that decreases tension for the zipline cable, providing a factor # 5safety. This allows the cable to have a greater life span of up to 300% more that the same cable used in other ziplines, also allows adjustments for the cable to reach speeds up to 45 mph and makes the user to arrive slowly at the end of zip line just 3 mph ensuring total safety during braking procedure.

Ziplines built by other companies, have problems in arrivals, sometimes their arrivals are stronger and more violent. Frequently, other zip lines do not get to the end and sometimes a rescue procedure is needed.

Do you have any questions? Let us know! We install complete sets of zip lines all over the US.

Do not allow inexpert people to install ziplines without risky calculations or poor quality products.