children's zipline

Install a zipline for your backyard... Lots of fun for your kiddos

Description: This zipline is made with high quality fittings and good value, easy installation, so that you can install it, just follow the manual that is included in the box, it also includes a DVD that explains step by step how to install it and how to use it. The zipline comes in a box, and we offer free-shipping anywhere in US.

Petzl Zipline - Ideal for your backyard!

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Example of installation settings:

Configuracion de tirolesa infantil


1 Special steel cable for children's zip line

Galvanized steel cable for use in children's zipline with high resistance to oxidation and wear in a home use.
4400 lb maximum resistance to the rupture - workload: 135 lb as maximum.

1 Zipline Tensioner with adaptation for tree

Small tensor , for a children's zipline cable, that allows you to fine tune the tension of the cable. (short leads only).

1 Passive brake for zipline

Stops the final speed of the children in the zipline, is a configuration of a spring steel inside of the steel cable , the front is a rubber wheel which receives the initial impact of the pulley, includes dynamic rope (semi-elastic ), leggings steel, carabiner auxiliary, single pulley, double rubber and U-clip.

1 Zipline Security Kit

These are the needed accessories for a child to ride on the zip line safely, and in the case of letting go both hands, the kid would keep seated in their harness.

It includes:
* A multi-size harness to zipline model "Noble".
* A pulley PETZL
* A helmet "Aosefit" multi-class
* An extension of sling
* A carabiner with lock
* Gloves


1 "Noble"multi-size harness, especially designed for zipline jumps.
It is a special configuration of 3 belts, one is around the waist and the other two on the legs, which function as security chair, that prevent a child from a fall. Works for children from 5 years old to extra large sized users.


1 Pulley PETZL
French brand pulley with double shooting, with adaptation of handles are made of hard aluminum, it resists up to 24kN. International Certifications: CE0197 and EN12278


1 A helmet "Aosefit" multi-class
In some cases when leaving or arriving in the zipline, people raise their heads and cause friction with the cable, the helmet protects them from those situations and it is an essential safety feature.


1 An extension of sling
It is a special belt that connects the harness to the pulley carabiner, resists 22kN, it is certified by the EC (European standard) and the UIAA (International Union of Alpine Associations) International Certification Number: CE0197, EN566, EN795 class B, CE0123.


1 A carabiner with lock
Connects quickly and safely the harness with the pulley through the belt, are meant to resist up to 24 kN, are certified by CE and / or the UIAA Certifications: CE0120 and EN362: 2004 / B


1 Gloves
Protects from rubbing with steel wire and tape and safety is an essential requirement for national standards adventure tourism.

1 First Aid Kit

Is an emergency item for any outdoor game to handle any accident that may occur.

1 Advertisement

As a safety standard, it is always good to keep the parents and other users informed on the safety procedures for the zipline.

1 Installation Kit:

Cable Oppressors, duty thimble, screws, plastic straps, lubricant, etc..

A manual, printed on paper and a DVD

Inside the manual you would find all the information on how to install and how to use the zip line.

* The colors of the accessories may change or be different from those shown.
* Only common tools are needed for the installation of the zip line.
* The zip line shall be installed according to specifications manual.
* The zip line must be installed on the trunks of trees that are more than 16 inches thick and a drop of 1%.
* Only one person should launched at a time.
* Recommended for children above 5 years and weighing no more than 135 pounds.
* An adult must supervise the correct use of the zip line at all times.