Professional Zip line 600 ft long


600 ft of special steel cable for zip-line

High resistance to oxidation wear and for industrial use, maximum flexibility, stainless protection , is the most important part of a zip line, the wire is from the United States, and certified by international standards.

Tensor for zipline, with safety chain.

Tensor of an inch and 3.28 ft long for zip line cable with double safety chain and maillons allows us to fine tune the cable tension because the steel cable with the temperature variation expands and contracts, this tensor allows to control the cable tension that varies between winter and summer for the change of temperatures.

2 Tripod

Made by theziplineusa in RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections), it is used to lift the cable, comes with two steps, it measures 5ft high by 5 ft. wide approx, and are the platforms for departure and arrival of a zip line, are reinforced and guaranteed.

1 Passive break for zip lines

Passive brake 20 inch is placed as passive and emergency brake, manufactured by "Tirolesas Mexico" a configuration of a steel spring within the steel cable, the front wheel has a rubber which receives the initial impact of the pulley, includes dynamic rope (semi-elastic) steel chain links, auxiliary maillons, single pulley, double rubber and oppressors.

1 Zipline Safety Kit

Are the accessories necessary for a user climb into the Zipline safely and is as follows:
* A multi-size harness to Zipline model Noble
* A PETZL pulley.
* A helmet AOSEPT multi-size.
* A flat belt extension.
* A locking carabiner.
* A pair of gloves.


1 Zipline harness model "noble" multi-size
It is a special configuration of 3 belts, one is around the waist and the other two on the legs, which function as secure chair, that prevent a person to fall down, work for children from 5 years to people extra large, resist 2 tons and are guaranteed.


1 PETZL pulley
French brand pulley double shooting, with adjustment handles are made of hard aluminum 24KN resistance equivalent to 2204.62 lbs, recommended for zip lines cables, International Certifications: CE0197 and EN12278, Top Speed 43.5 mph.


1 "Aosefit" helmet multi-size
In some cases when leaving or arriving to the zip line, people raise their heads and will cause an friction with the cable, the helmet protects of these situations and is an essential element of security, required by National standards of adventure tourism.


1 Polyester sling Petzl
It is a special tape that connects the harness with the carabiner to the pulley, soport 22kN, equivalent to 2.1 tons, is certified by the EC (European standard) and the UIAA (International Union of Alpine Associations), Number of International Certifications: CE0197, EN566, EN795 class B, CE0123, made in USA or France depending on the model, come in 24 inch.


1 Locking carabiner.
Connects quickly and safely the harness with the pulley, going through the belt, are made to 24 kN or 2.3 tonnes of resistance, we have models duraluminium and steel, estn certificados por la CE y/o la UIAA Certificaciones: CE0120 y EN362:2004/B. Imported from France and / or USA depending on the model.


1 Pair of gloves
Protects from rubbing with steel wire and tape and safety is an essential requirement for national standards adventure tourism.

1 First Aid Kit
It is a requirement for any mechanic game, adventure or activities sports like zip line, required by national and international adventure parks.

1 Radio Kit
To provide communication between staff that throw the people into the zip line and those who receive them, ideal for long zip lines or when there are many people jumping from the zipline at a time.

1 Informative Sign:
As a safety standard, keeps users informed and guidance on safety procedures in a zip line, includes a metal frame placed at the beginning of the zip line.

1 Technical study prior to installing the zip line.

The technical study is needed to determine whether if it is feasible to insall a zip line or not, or if any modifications are needed, to determine this, we measure the total length of the Zipline using the laser, GPS (satellite), theodolite measurement of height difference between departure and arrival points, we verify that the slope of the Zipline and the catenary to the length fullfill the standard of PRCA and TM, we evaluate the cable anchor points, or artificial anchors are raised, if necessary are proposed towers to correct height and then deliver an accurate quote taking into account technical and design modifications. Note: No specifications are delivered to the customer, only design and construction profile.

  1 Zipline installation (manpower)
The cost is more travel expenses for installation
Free 1 Training of your staff to use  
Free 1 Maintenance course  
Free 1 Use and Maintenance Manual  

Zipline warranted for 3 Years + Details

Example of installation settings: Configuracion de Instalacion de Tirolesa

  1. If your land has no trees or large rocks to hold the cable, then you must build anchors Concrete foundation (given), the size, design and price varies according to the length of the Zipline.
  2. If your land is flat, you must build towers for departure and arrival, to get the proper slope to the Zipline, the price of the towers varies with the length of the Zipline, the design and size of the tower.

Shipping and facilities anywhere in the U.S.

Mandatory to make the Technical study prior to installing the zip line.

The shipment includes all expenses of traveling, and turn to diesel truck, diesel fuel leg, and back to his city, hosting and food expenses during the shipment and stay in the city in installation, as well as salaries and per diem for staff who plows the installation and training.