The life span of a zipline, is determined by the cable, anchors and pulleys,commercial use ziplines, made by us, are aimed to provide a life span of approximately 20 000 to 30 000 jumps, these jumps are equivalent to 8 years of heavy duty or, 12 years with a lighter use, with a daily and proper maintenance.

We provide a simple training for the maintenance of ziplines:

  1. Keep the cable oiled (every 2 months).
  2. Keep the bearings of the pulleys oiled (every 2 months).

Zip lines need to have periodic revisions every two months, we would train the personnel for them to perform the revision, it is really simple:

Anchors and / or points where the cable attaches.

  1. Screws and cable oppressors.
  2. Harnesses and polyester sling.
  3. Carabiners.

Economic performance

Example 1

Suppose you buy a zipline of 650 feet for a total cost of 30,000 USD for rough use.

The average cost for a jump of 200 meters zip line is 25 USD.

Suppose you have an average of 30 jumps on Saturday, 50 jumps on Sunday and another 50 jumps during the week, the total would 130 jumps per week and the cost that you offer is 25 USD per jump, then you will have a income of:

25 x130 = 3.250 USD a week

From those 3,250 USD per week you should subtract the salary of a person who will operate the zip line during the week and the salary for 2 people to operate it during the weekend, this expense would represent an average of 400 to 500 USD for the staff in a week. In the end, your profit would be between 1500 USD and 1750 USD per week.

Example 2

If you invested 30,000 USD in a zipline, and supose the zipline would provide 20.000 jumpings, and if you charge 20 USD for every jump, in 3 years you would earn around 400,000 USD .

Example 3

In places like Tapalpa Jalisco (Mexico), there are circuits of 5 ziplines for 35 USD. Imagine the money they make in Manzanilla Jalisco (Mexico), where the cost of a jump is up to 25 USD, in Veracruz (Mexico) a jump in an average zipline is between 20 USD and 25 UDS, usually these costs are included along with other services such as accommodation and tourism activities and services.

Tapalpa'sAverage Utility(Mexico): 390,000 USD in 3 years..

Canopy USA give advice to calculate the cost of your zipline to stretch their money and promote your zipline and / or services.

Installations anywhere in USA.