Humans Pendulums

New attraction!

The human pendulum from a zip line consists in placing a double steel cable over a ravine; In the middle of the cable, or at the highest point, there will be an union for a pendulum (as shown in the picture below).

A person jumps with the steel cable to an indicated point and is released by means of a controlled system, the person will immediately feel the thrilling of falling to the emptiness, but a harness and cable will concentrate the motion in a pendulum direction, making you feel additional force of gravity and adrenaline.

The cables support tons of weight, it is an exciting sport and it is really cheap! ... It is way cheaper than the Bungee Jump!

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Diseño de Pendulo

Pendulo Humano

  • Double steel cable.
  • 2 poles of PTR 4"X4" heavy gauge
  • Central Union of cables.
  • 1 dynamic rope.