A zipline seems to require a simple installation, but it is not like that.

First of all, you must decide if the area where the zip line will be installed complies all the safety requirements. The most important points of a zipline are the anchors, which are the points where the cable attaches. You can attach the cable to concrete foundations, large rocks, trees or other strong point that supports a minimum of 8 tons to the breakdown for ziplines, smaller than 50 meters or less. Zipline USA evaluate the resistance of these anchor points or build new anchor points.

Another important point is to calculate the catenary (or the arch that the cable must have for its proper operation.) If the zipline cable istoo tensioned , it would shorten the life span of the zipline, there is a risk, of breaking the cable due to excessive tension and lack of speed reduction for the Tyrolean braking at the end of the line. If the zipline cable is too loose, without tension, many people would jam in the middle and the change in weight of a person would affect the total tour, the zip line could result seriously affected.

When jumping from the zipline, the user generally reaches a very high speed, but at the end of it, it might result hard to brake and, that cause, not extending to the end and get caught in the middle of the zipline.

Another important factor is the inclination of the zipline over the entire length, if the angle is minimal will be impossible to reach a person on the other side of the zipline, besides, if the slope is too large, we are exposing people to a very strong and violent arrival , this is one of the major risks of this sport, this is where the accidents and injuries occur.

Is important to mention that a zipline is not just a stretched cable to throw human lives to see what happens, NO! It must have the experience and choose all the elements of a zipline properly and appropriate to provide security and prevent any accident.

Our professional tools

Total station and / or theodolite to measure angles with high precision.

GPS accuracy for length measurements, graphs and so on.

Dillon Digital Dynamometer made ​​in the USA, to measure tension in the cables and give the correct tensioned. Certificate in USA.

Mathematical calculationscomputer made.

Anchoring soil borings

Professional equipment for cable tension

Gas and electric tools for remote locations

Installation supervised by engineers, experienced and qualified personnel. Installations at any City in the U.S.!!!