Climbing walls

Now we have CLIMBING WALLS for you 100% safe and guaranteed, made with high quality products, incredible resistance and durability, built of marine fiberglass textured or also plywood 3/4 inch.


Climbing wall 6.5 ft high and 19.5 ft wide (127 ft²), built in plywood 3/4 inch, ideal to be installed in a tree or an existing building such as: a brick wall, includes RHS(Rectangular Hollow Sections) frame, allowing up to 2 people to climb at the same time. Climbing accessories are sold separately.


Climbing wall 6.5 ft high and 19.5 ft wide (127 ft²), built in marine fiberglass, texturized, ideal to be leaned upon a tree or an existing building, for example a brick wall. It includes RHS frame, allowing 2 people to climb at a time. Accessories are sold separately.


Climbing TOWER: has a base of (6.5 ft X 6.5 ft) and 9.5 high (127 ft2), built with marine fiberglass (texturized), RHS-frame, ideal for open spaces, allowing 8 people to climb at a time. Climbing accessories are sold separately.



2 "noble" model arneses

It is a special configuration of 3 belts, one of them is at the waist, and two of them are for the legs, it works as secure chair, preventing a person to fall, it is suitable for children above 5 years old up to extra large people, it resists up to 2 tons.


2 multi-size"Aosefit" Helmets

In some cases when departing or arriving in zip lines, people lift their heads up and cause friction with the cable, the helmet protects the user from these situations and it is an essential security device, national standards require it for adventure tourism.

3 Carabiners with automatic safety lock

Quickly connects the safety harness with the climber's rope, the carabiner and the anchor point above the climbing wall. It is aimed to stand up ​​to 24 kN or 2.3 Ton of resistance, these carabiners are certified by CE and UIAA Certifications: CE0120 and EN362: 2004 / B Faders 455-T

1 rope climbing dynamic type

Professional use rope for sport climbing, certified by the UIAA and CE XV 10mm dynamic stretching up to 35%, 7.6% static elongation.

1 Lock Petzl Grigri-2

The most popular and safest climbing locks in the world, stops descending climbing automatically without human intervention, provides a controlled and comfortable descending, certified by the CE certification number 0197, manufactured in France.



Installation costs and shipment are not included.

Shipping and installations anywhere in USA.