Zip Lines Certifications

A certified zip line means it has all the right features to provide security to the user, proper operation, and that its construction complies with standards of safety and resilience and that operators are trained to provide the service.

Certification of a new zip line:
The certification process starts from the planning and design, with the following characteristics:

*Design and construction of anchor cable zip line.
*Design and construction of cable supports for departure and arrival.
*Design and construction of towers to zip line.
*Biomechanics and ergonomics in the use of zip line *
*Resistance of structures (towers, tripods, ladders and anchors).
*High resistance steel cable .
*Pending, tension and catenary cable rope.
*Resistance Protective Equipment (PPE * Security Kit zip line) and independent certification
*High quality building materials.
*Quality paint and weather protection.
*Structural weld quality.
*Annual inspection by qualified personnel.
*Operator training in: customer service, rescue and first aid.
*Certified zip line length.