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Polea Petzl para tirolesa

Petzl pulley 140 USD + TAX

French brand pulley double shooting, with adjustment handles are made ​​of hard aluminum 24KN resistance equivalent to 2204.62 lbs, recommended for zip lines cables, "International Certifications: CE0197 and EN12278, Top Speed ​​43.5 mph.

Tensor for zip line with safety chain 230 USD + TAX

Tensor of an inch and 3.28 ft long for zip line cable with double safety chain and maillons allows us to fine tune the cable tension because the steel cable with the temperature variation expands and contracts, this tensor allows to control the cable tension that varies between winter and summer for the change of temperatures.

arnes para tirolesa noble

Harness model "noble" 60 USD + TAX

It is a special configuration of 3 belts, one is around the waist and the other two on the legs, which function as secure chair, that prevent a person to fall down, work for children from 5 years to people extra large, resist 2 tons and are guaranteed.

Arnes Superman para Tirolesa

Superman harness 500 USD + TAX

This harness allows you to go from "Superman" on a zip line, supports up to 2 tons is ideal for youth and adults, the speed increases up to 30% and offers the best feeling of flight in zip line, It is manufactured in Australia by "MOYES" aeronautics company with over 20 years of experience. This product is charged on request.

cinta tubular o extencion para tirolesa

Polyester sling Petzl 18 USD + TAX

It is a special tape that connects the harness with the carabiner to the pulley, soport 22kN, equivalent to 2.1 tons, is certified by the EC (European standard) and the UIAA (International Union of Alpine Associations), Number of International Certifications: CE0197, EN566, EN795 class B, CE0123, made in USA or France depending on the model, come in 24 inch.

Casco para tirolesa

"Aosefit" helmet multi-size 30 USD + TAX

In some cases when leaving or arriving to the zip line, people raise their heads and will cause an friction with the cable, the helmet protects of these situations and is an essential element of security, required by National standards of adventure tourism.

Mosqueton para tirolesa con seguro

Carabiner with lock 30 USD + TAX

Connects quickly and safely the harness with the pulley, going through the belt, are made to 24 kN or 2.3 tonnes of resistance, we have models duraluminium and steel, están certificados por la CE y/o la UIAA Certificaciones: CE0120 y EN362:2004/B.

Imported from France and / or Made in USA depending on the model.

Guantes para tirolesa

Gloves 6 USD + TAX

Protect your hands from rubbing with steel cable and belts.

Radios VHF

Radio Kit 93 USD + TAX

To provide communication between staff that throw the people into the zip line and those who receive, ideal for zip lines long or when there are many people jumping on the zipline.


First Aid Kit 14 USD + TAX

It is a requirement for any mechanic game, adventure or activities sports like zip line, required by national and international adventure parks.

Informative Sign 70.00 USD + TAX

As a safety standard keeps users and guides informed about safety procedures in a zip line.


TRUBLUE 3,300.00 USD + TAX

Insurer climbing 100% automatic, this machine does not need a person to stop customers that climb, made in USA patented and certified, ideal for commercial climbing walls where you want maximum security and does not want to hire too many employees.
Working capacity: Up to 330 lb people - 24 ft tape ideal for climbing walls 20 ft to 23 ft high.


Cable para tirolesa
Special steel cable zip Lexcen.

High resistance to wear and oxidation for industrial use, maximum flexibility, protection steel, is the most important part of a zip line, the wire is imported from the United States, certified international standards.

The wire is made from the U.S. and has warranty if installation is by zipline USA

50 m cable 650 USD + TAX
100 m cable 1250 USD + TAX
150 m cable 1850 USD + TAX


Personal Protection Kit

230 USD + TAX

Includes: 1 Pulley Petzl, a carabiner to secure an exemption, a harness, a helmet and 1 pair of gloves.


Technical Study prior to the installation of the canopy:

The technical study is needed to determine whether it can or can not install the zip line, or if modifications are necessary to determine that we measure the total length of the laser canopy, GPS (satellite), measuring the difference theodolite heights between departure and arrival, we checked that the slope of the canopy and the catenary on length are within the norm of PRCA and TM, we evaluate the cable anchor points, or be anchored artificial, if necessary towers pose to correct height and then deliver an accurate quote, taking into account technical and design changes, Note: No specifications are delivered to the customer, only profile design and construction.


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